Recycled Milk Cartons As Bird Feeders

Bringing birds into a yard is beneficial to plants, bug problems (if there are any), and they lighten a mood up. Bird feeders are a perfect way to bring in those gorgeous birds and milk (or even juice) cartons or jugs are perfect to reuse for bird feeders. It is very simple to make a bird feeder from any old jug or carton. Simply cut a large hole out from the carton or jug about two or three inches from the (more…)

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Cleaning uses of lemon juice after using lemon rind for cooking

After using a zester to remove all the lovely rind for cooking that special dish, do not throw the lemon away. Squeeze the juice, strain it and use it for cleaning items in your home. The citric acid is well known for killing bacteria. There are a variety of items you can clean with pure lemon juice.

Pour it into a small spray bottle and use it to clean your countertops. That lemon fresh smell will not sour and your countertops will shine.

If you have copper (more…)

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